(Acer japonicum)

'Rising Sun' is a recent Iseli selection with uncommonly large, heavily textured leaves---up to 8" across---that give the tree a tropical look. Its vigorous, multi-branched habit produces sturdy limbs and rigid twigs, and the autumn show of red, yellow, and orange will take your breath away.

Achillea (Achillea hybrida)

Achillea is very durable, long-blooming, and drought tolerant! Light yellow flowers are carried on strong stems well-suited for cutting. The flowers attract butterflies to the garden.

Achillea Hybrids (Achillea hybrida)

Ferny, softly textured foliage and large, long-lasting bloom clusters have earned Achillea status as a classic choice for the perennial garden. The many varieties available offer a nice range of bloom colors and plant sizes to fit most any garden.

Achillea, Yarrow (Achillea species)

Achillea species are noted for their delicate, ferny foliage that brings a soft texture to the landscape. The bright blooms are a magnet for butterflies in the summer. This group of plants has remained a garden favorite for generations because of its exceptional tolerance to just about any sunny location with well-drained soil. Low-growing varieties are ideal for edging or groundcovers. Taller varieties are great for cut flower arrangements.

Acorn Squash (Cucurbita pepo)

Acorn Squash are a breeze to prepare and each half is a perfect single-size serving! Another nice feature of homegrown Acorn Squash is they can last 2-3 months when stored in a cool, dark storage area. Keep a bit of the stem intact when harvesting Squash, to improve the vegetable quality and extend storage time. This vegetable is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium.